Boxes for Luxury Products Production Lines


KOLBUS machines are engineered for the production of rigid boxes and box cases where the card or cardboard substrate is laminated with high quality printed layers that can be delicate and difficult to handle. The substrate in the required thickness is often so thick that it cannot be folded or printed and enhanced to the required quality. KOLBUS aims to apply the gluing quality achieved by its casemakers to set a new quality standard in the packaging market. KOLBUS casemakers, proven for more than 80 years in hardcover book production, are extremely operator-friendly with product change at the touch of a button. »Resetting conventional packaging production machines for product and design changes is time-consuming and difficult. This explains why small and medium-volume production runs are often made by hand. KOLBUS opens the way for suppliers to the luxury goods industries.


Luxury packaging manufactured with Kolbus

Kolbus Technology for Packaging offers new options for producing luxurious and distinctive packaging. Present your products in packaging which emphasizes their quality through its unique look & feel. Our advanced, high-precision machines transform exclusive laminated cover materials and high-quality print into flawless box packaging.



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KOLBUS blank placing module

KOLBUS SW 100 box case processing line. The SW.Z module uses a swivel unit to pick up and position flat punched blanks exactly on the glued area of the case. Horizontal rollers apply uniform pressure on the punched section.




KOLBUS DA 260 Casemaker

KOLBUS DA 260 casemaker, for fully-automated laminating and turn-in of single or multi-part boards. In its drive to develop machines for packaging production, KOLBUS has focused on the following - transfer gluing technology from KOLBUS casemakers based on the principle of applying as thin a glue layer as possible and develop a modular system which can be configured flexibly as required.

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